Sarina Fishing Guide

With Compliments Sarina Tourist Art And Craft Centre

 Sarina’s Top Fishing Places

 Hay Point {North of Sarina} is an excellent reef fishing area and is regarded as the best place in the region to land Jewfish. Grasstree Beach folds around Cabbage Tree Creek, which is a top spot for crabbing and catching fish.

 A little further south at Sarina Beach Inlet, especially at low tide you may get the chance to catch that Barramundi you’ve always wanted. Most estuarine fish can be caught off the south and north banks of this inlet at high tide.

 Armstrong Beach [South of Sarina] is the spot for catching prawns and also fish from the beach area. The creek has good fishing too.  Launch your boat from the beach or the boat ramp and fish the nearby islands and reefs from here.


Other great fishing locations are

Campwin Beach

Louisa Creek

Salonika Beach

Rocky Dam Creek[ 4 wheel drive access only]

Cape Palmerston [4 wheel drive access only]

Carmilla Beach

Claireview Beach



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